The name is Bryan... Wear it out all you want. :P I am crazy, eccentric, and an enigma even to myself. I am an activist and member of the ISO (International Socialist Organization) as well as The Coalition to End Rape Culture at Umass. I am a certified rape crisis counselor and an educator advocate at the Center for Women and Community. I am interested in psychology and want to get into some sort of human services field. Some of my hobbies are drawing, writing poetry, rapping, doing spoken word, making jewelry and performing. I do lots of meditation. I have an interesting set of beliefs mixing Marxism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Atheism. I enjoy listening to political talks and Dharma talks. I also burn a lot of fucking incense! If you want to know anything else about me, just ask! :]

Check out my songs here:

Music: I am a fan of old hip hop and underground hip hop. I love punk, rock, ska, jazz, blues, soul, motown, funk, reggae, metal, folk. I am very picky about country music. I like Johnny Cash and country music from the 1920's. I like music from Latin America such as Bomba music. I also like music from the East and Middle East. I like Buddhist chanting and singing bowls. I like tribal music too. I also like chain gang prison songs. They are so raw and emotional with the simple singing and rhythmic banging of hammers. I just love music!

Books: I enjoy political non fiction mostly. I also enjoy books on Taoism, Buddhism, and eastern philosophies even though I am not really religious. I love poetry as well: Plath, Poe, Ginsberg, Rumi, Kerouac, Jim Morrison's written poetry, Bukowski, Whitman, Chaucer, Saul Williams, Shakespeare's sonnets, Thoreau, William S. Burroughs, Neal Cassady, Mark Twain, Charles Baudelaire

Above all else, be yourself. Don't try to impress people. It leads to exaggerations of who you are. That exaggeration won't last. You have nothing to prove, other than that you are a perfectly flawed individual who is awesome in your own ways and fucked up in your own ways too. Lets remove our masks... I am not here to impress any of you, and if you want to impress me do so by not being ashamed of your flaws. I see beauty in all of our uglies and the strength it gives us all to be beautiful even with our demons. What is beauty without the ugliness? If we are friends, I will make you happy. If we are friends, I will drop the ball and upset you.... Perfectly imperfect.... fucked up and beautiful....

My Songs:


Memoirs of a Madman Volume 2

Memoirs of a Madman Volume 1

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